Stone Countertop Sealing Service

Stone countertops are an investment that needs regular maintenance to preserve the beauty of the material for many years. Stone professionals recommend sealing your countertop at least once a year. A sealant should be applied to prevent staining from oils, grease, and other liquids. If your stone countertop is properly sealed, liquids and oils will bead on top rather than seep into the stone. Sealing stone countertops can also prevent material erosion by getting bacteria out of any cracks and crevices.

Also, the product we use for our Sealing Service is a color-enhancing sealer. It is a penetrating sealer that is formulated to darker, enrich, and highlight natural stone. It rejuvenates the color and dramatically improves the appearance of worn or weathered stone. The enhancing sealer will bring any stone color back to life.

Price: $164.99 + Tax*

*This is a flat fee to seal every stone countertop in your home.

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